Donors and the EBRD 2016

Together with donors,
the EBRD makes a real impact, changing lives now and for the future.

From Jordan to Ukraine, from Georgia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, our projects boost economic resilience, bring sustainable innovation, make societies more cohesive and help protect the environment.

Donor partnerships

Donor partnerships are an integral part of how the EBRD operates, blending grants and finance to enhance well-functioning market economies and sustainable growth.

By co-financing our operations and related activities such as policy reform and technical projects, donors generate greater impact in the region where we work, making economies competitive, well-governed, green, inclusive, resilient and integrated.

The EBRD currently works with around 40 donors. Together they have contributed close to €5 billion to the Bank’s activities since 1991.

Our projects raise regulatory standards and improve governance at the corporate and institutional level. This work strengthens economies and reinforces transparency, fair competition, modernisation, inclusion and the sustainable use of resources.

In 2016 the EBRD secured €445 million of new donor funds from the European Union, individual governments and donor agencies, as well as from global funds. The Bank used €409 million during the year. On average, a third of EBRD operations were underpinned by donor funds, especially in regions that face the greatest economic challenges.

These donor contributions underpinned the Bank’s engagement in green investments and the implementation of our Gender Strategy. They also supported the EBRD’s response to the international refugee crisis in Jordan and Turkey and our commitment to establishing cleaner urban environments through the recently launched Green Cities Framework.

Among the ultimate beneficiaries of the generosity of EBRD donors are the millions of citizens enjoying better municipal services, and the entrepreneurs with more access to finance and advice to generate jobs and wealth. Industries and infrastructure have also benefited, enabling the use of clean technology. And regulators are better equipped to implement reforms that improve the business climate.


Read and listen to how donors support our activities in a variety of key sectors.


Green economy


Municipal and environmental infrastructure


Small business


Good governance


Financial sector


Inclusion and gender





Every euro of donor funds received in 2016 has multiplied EBRD resources for the benefit of hundreds of enterprises and millions of citizens across more than 30 countries


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